Connecting Zend_Form to Multiple Controllers with Helpers

So in my previous post I have mentioned Zend_Form and some of the basic components and how you can use it. If you haven’t read that yet, than do and come back here. Or if you have the basic knowledge on what is and how Zend_Form works you can go on. In this post I will mention how you can use one form in multiple controllers.

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Using Zend_Form

After my obsessions with logger and debugger functionality in Zend Framework, for nearly a month I was looking for Zend_Form component. It drove me to look for Zend_Form_Decorator and Zend_Controller_Action_Helper. I did quite a research about them, looked around the code, tried to understand how it worked and how I would be manipulating them to my needs. I have read a lot about forms and helpers and decorators. You will find a some useful links which helped me to understand how it worked. I will try to wrap all I have learned in multiple posts. So the first one will begin with Zend_Form.

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