Drupal Sandbox Project: KMVC

As I always, I took my time to write another blog post. Again this one actually includes codes (but not here). I have started using Drupal for a project to a client. I was willing to work on Drupal for a while, but I never had the chance to look for it deeply or develop for it. Now I’m in with a sandbox module: Kmvc!
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Meet you at Ozgur Web Gunleri at Yeditepe University

Özgür Web Teknolojileri Günleri 15-16 Ekim 2010 Yeditepe ÜniversitesiHey everyone, it’s been a while since I have last written something here. I will be giving a workshop at Ozgur Web Gunleri (Free Web Days) at Yeditepe University at 15-16 October about Zend Framework (yeah what else right :)

I will be explaining how to use Zend_Tool, how you can connect to and query a database by Zend_Db (yup, no Doctrine), how Zend_Form and its validators can be used and finally how you can log someone in using Zend_Auth.

These topics will complete a simple blog software which can be actually used minus the comments moderation (that will be a homework:). However I do not suggest you to use it in real life because of the performance and spaming issues (no captcha for comment adding for example (yes yes, another homework :))

It’s released with GPL unlike my other code examples which are actually kinda released with WTFPL license as they didn’t have one :)

You can download the code I will be using in the workshop from my github under zf-examples/zf-blog as always. You will also be able to get it from https://svn.code.kartaca.com/zf-blog as soon as I can convince my colleague, opening a svn repo and a trac (yeah it will have a trac too in order to keep improving the sample and fixing bugs and errors) tooks just a minute or too :) Trac will be available at https://code.kartaca.com/zf-blog

See you at Yeditepe.

How to Create Custom Doctrine Models for Pluggable ZF Modules

Well, in my previous post, I had mentioned about “pluggable” modules for Zend Framework. They had their own, configuration files, controllers and views. However most generally, you also need database tables and models. So there should be a way to define them too. It’s easy if you are making your ORM manually. However for the ones who use Doctrine out there, things are not that simple.
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Creating and Managing Zend Framework Modules

In one of my previous blog posts, there was a question related to the modular structure of the Zend Framework. Later the comments moved to the email and I suppose it will be nice to share what we talked in this blog too, so it becomes common knowledge :)
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Creating Doctrine adapter for Zend_Auth

Hi, as you know I have put a lot effort to integrate Doctrine and Zend Framework together and I have written quite a lot about them recently. So it’s one of them. As you may know, Zend Framework has a component called Zend_Auth which is used to authenticate and authorize people. It contains lots of different adapters like Digest, Http or DbTable. However it does not have a Doctrine adapter yet. And this blog will mention you about it.
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Creating a Doctrine CLI and Adding it to Zend_Tool

i will try to explain you how you can create a command which you can use on your command line to execute doctrine commands. This is the first part of the post. The second part is a bit fantasy. I have tried to integrate doctrine to Zend_Tool and wanted to call it like:

zf.sh generate doctrine sql

Actually, you don’t need such a thing. First part is pretty much enough for you. Second part is just for fun.
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Integrating Zend Framework with Doctrine ORM

Yet another how-to for Zend Framework. You can find a lot of integration how-tos around the web with googling and I maybe the just one of them. I’m trying to find the wheel again. This one is like my subversion how-tos, a self reminder first. So let’s cut the crap and get down to the business.
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Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development

Zend Framework Web Application DevelopmentThis is another long story short book review. I have to mention this, the book is not outdated! I know that currently there is the version of 1.9 in ZF and the title of this book is “1.8”. Do not let the title mislead you. This book is all about Zend Framework’s actual concepts like MVC, Zend_Application and other kind of ZF jewels. If you are new to the Zend Framework and need a more detailed documentation than the Zend Framework’s Quick Start Guide or my blog, that’s the book you will need.
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Creating Your Own Payment Gateway For Magento – Part 2

So in my previous blog, I had mentioned about an admin panel and basic configuration for creating a simple module. This is the second part and I will try to explain you how you can implement your own payment gateway and getting the values we have set on the database. If you have not read the first part, go take a look.
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