Meet You At Free Software & Linux Days 2012

As you may know Ozgur Yazilim ve Linux Gunleri is one of the most important events in Turkey about free and open source software and Linux. This year, as always, my company is one of the sponsors. The event will take place at the Bilgi University Dolapdere Campus. Thanks to everyone who is working hard enough for this event to take place. Cheers guys.

We will also be giving two talks:

  • The Dairy of a Project Manager: How I screwed my last project
  • Open Source Software Development Tools

Of course, I can never forget to mention my buddy Bekir Dogan, who will not leave me alone there :)

See you there!

About Large And Complex Software

It’s been a while from the last post as usual. This time I’m back about a topic we have discussed in the classroom with the instructor about Large and Complex Software. He said that you should design, write UMLs, create comment blocks (70% comments and 30% code) and write documentation for complex software. I opposed him that we don’t know how to write large and complex software.
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Why the nerd who does not leave his bedroom will not be a better developer

In my youth (like I’m not young anymore…), I had watched many movies that contained a nerdy guy who was not leaving his room and doing all kind of crazy stuff, hacking into banking systems etc. I was very awed with many of them and probably it was some of the things that inspired me to be a software developer. Yet after 6 or more years in the business, movies were just movies after all.
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Why Software Design Matters

If you are in the software development business, I’m sure you have heard that “Design” is important and you should always design first and code later. This “belief” is not accepted by all anyway. I don’t blame them, because we can’t really make good designs most of the time, so why bother anyway? I will try to explain you why you should bother. I think the title of the article might have been, “When you shouldn’t Design Software” too. So keep up with me!
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How To Build a Framework From Scratch – Part 2

I’m sure you had thought that the first part was the last part, but you are wrong :). After reading the first part, I didn’t thought again and gave up on my framework project. And you are right there is no commit, yet :) But things are getting clearer with each passing week (yeah not based on days but weeks because I don’t really have a lot of time to spare for this). So let’s go on with the second part.
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