Magento Beginner’s Guide

magIt’s been a long time since I have last written to my blog, it’s also longer when I have last written about Magento, the most complex, hardly understood behemoth of the PHP E-Commerce solutions. It seems that my blogs about Magento was pretty helpful for people around here and I was surprised when I’m contacted by someone from Packt Publishing about reviewing a book they had published: Magento Beginner’s Guide. You can buy directly from the publisher with additional benefits. They sent me the book and I had the time to review it because I started again to developing with Magento, a simple module which will enable to connect to banks in Turkey. And after a long pause, I was sure that this book would be a great start to find out what I missed during the my pause, how the documentation evolved and things that I was never been able to figure out. Seems like I was not wrong.
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