Impressions of PHP Development on Netbeans 6.7

Here is yet another review of Netbeans 6.7 Beta (I have not yet downloaded the release candidate). I have started to use daily Netbeans 6.7 and started to do everything I do with Netbeans, including remote development (sychronization) and debugging of PHP Scripts. Which you are used to these if you were using Netbeans 6.7 nightly builds. What you might not be familiar with are the unit test creation, code coverage plugin and subversion capabilities of Netbeans (or I have stopped using TortoiseSVN on Windows and shell on *nix)
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Writing You Own PHPUnit Listener

Well, in the company, Parkyeri, we have restarted to a crusade to cover all the code lines we had by writing unit tests.

As a PHP Developer, I’m taking the part where I have to write PHPUnit, the xUnit family which is developed for the PHP language. I had used it in the first version for a while, but I had seen that it had reached to the 3rd version. As I’m someone who likes to use the latest things and demos, I tried the latest version and migrated all the first version unit tests to the latest version, which was surprisingly, very easy. You just have to change some class inheritance, delete some constructors, and you are nearly done.

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