Extending Firebug Database Profiler

Well, as of late I’m a bit obsessed with logging, profiling and other utility tools which help me to see what I’m doing needlessly and how I can improve performance. In my previous posts, I had mentioned in keeping logs with FirePHP and database profiling with FirePHP. Now I got an idea that wouldn’t be great to see what the sql queries had returned just looking on the profiler log. By this way I would have checked whether or not the query was working right or wrong and other kind of cool stuff.

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Keep your logs with FirePHP

If you are a web developer, It’s not possible that you did not heard of Firebug. One of the greatest extensions written for Firefox! In the recent days I finally found some spare time to handle logging for my CMS framework Boop. I had Zend Framework and I decided to use Zend_Log which had a great feature like sending your logs to FirePHP, an extension for Firebug.

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