Zend Database Profiler and Firebug/FirePHP

For some days, I’m looking around for logging and debugging options I can use for some projects of mine and projects in the work. Yesterday I had stumbled upon the Zend_Log and FirePHP duo and they worked perfectly well. The best of course was the log level option disabling logs which were not that important.

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Keep your logs with FirePHP

If you are a web developer, It’s not possible that you did not heard of Firebug. One of the greatest extensions written for Firefox! In the recent days I finally found some spare time to handle logging for my CMS framework Boop. I had Zend Framework and I decided to use Zend_Log which had a great feature like sending your logs to FirePHP, an extension for Firebug.

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Still Going on Boop

I don’t know why but I’m still working on this project of mine Boop. I guess I will change it’s name from boop to Boo Project! It sounds better.

Well but of course you expect of me to what have I done. I have setup an svn server. First it was just a local copy but now it’s worldwide open. And another thing is that I have setup a trac too. A good project management tool which is integrated with svn. It has lots of “hacks”, but I did not yet installed any of them. It seems enough for me, for now.

To install a svn server and put trac on it all you need is a debian installed computer and http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracOnDebianSarge link. It’s really really helpful. I had to install 4 or 5 times svn and trac and what I learned is, you can just copy paste everything and then from trac-admin run resync command, everything goes back from the point where you have taken the backup. You have to copy paste to previous directories of course.

Wiki thing is good and it forces me to write down what I think about and what I will do about. I hope some of my friends will start working on it soon or I won’t be successful enough to finish it. But thanks tou tickets, I know what I will do.

Well I was hoping to put a demo link, and the site’s link is this but I guess it’s not ready yet. Even it’s doing much of what it’s intended for, it’s still not enough.

But keep waiting.