Book Review: Magento Mobile How-To

Magento Mobile How ToI’m back with another book review. Yes it’s again about Magento! What did you expect from me? Some fine critic between the differences of Tolkien’s and Jackson’s Hobbit. I suppose not :) So if you are curious about Magento and having a mobile app where your users can browse your store, stick with me :)
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Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development

Zend Framework Web Application DevelopmentThis is another long story short book review. I have to mention this, the book is not outdated! I know that currently there is the version of 1.9 in ZF and the title of this book is “1.8”. Do not let the title mislead you. This book is all about Zend Framework’s actual concepts like MVC, Zend_Application and other kind of ZF jewels. If you are new to the Zend Framework and need a more detailed documentation than the Zend Framework’s Quick Start Guide or my blog, that’s the book you will need.
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Magento Beginner’s Guide

magIt’s been a long time since I have last written to my blog, it’s also longer when I have last written about Magento, the most complex, hardly understood behemoth of the PHP E-Commerce solutions. It seems that my blogs about Magento was pretty helpful for people around here and I was surprised when I’m contacted by someone from Packt Publishing about reviewing a book they had published: Magento Beginner’s Guide. You can buy directly from the publisher with additional benefits. They sent me the book and I had the time to review it because I started again to developing with Magento, a simple module which will enable to connect to banks in Turkey. And after a long pause, I was sure that this book would be a great start to find out what I missed during the my pause, how the documentation evolved and things that I was never been able to figure out. Seems like I was not wrong.
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