PHP Debugging on PHP IDEs

As NetBeans has started to be a great IDE with powerful debugging features, like most people who are migrating to NetBeans, I would like to use it’s built-in debugger abilities. PHP debugging is not new. XDebug is quite around for some time but it always lacked the attention it has now. From now on PHP Developers are starting to use IDEs instead of colorful text editors. Because from now on, PHP started to be accepted as an Enterprise language. It’s pretty easy to code with PHP, it’s very simple but yet it can be a good base for complex applications. With the newest release of PHP 5, it also contains OOP features and with powerful frameworks built around (CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symphony, Zend,…) some strict rules apply on designing your application for a cleaner, better code and yet you can still use the quick and dirty ways. :)

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