Code Review Process and CRET Presentation!

It had been weeks since Open Days has ended and I did not had time to put my slides here. Sorry for being late. However it was a great day at Open Days! It was a good event with lots of useful talks, and workshops. And as you know I was one of the guys giving a seminar there. It included what to do with code review processes and good, bad and ugly code examples! You can download it from here! Thanks to everyone who have joined my presentation, I hope you all enjoyed as I enjoyed during the presentation!

You can download it here.

I’m renewed again!

Well, finally I have found some time and changed the template I was using on my blog. I had found this template (Twilight Crown) while I was googling, however it did not really matched my needs and it’s colors were not that good (relatively speaking of course :). So I decided to derive my own and created this. If you were watching my github you should have noticed that I had an empty git repo (Crowened Twilight), if you like this theme you can download it from there.

Thanks to Nicki Faulk and others for this great theme. Of course it contains appropriate credits for the owners.

Well, don’t forget to visit my site at different times of the day, you might notice small changes on it. (That’s how I fell in love with this theme anyway, but I like the owl a lot more now :).

Support Developers

There is an intresting movement from developers. They are saying “NO” to IE 6. Well, of course it’s sucks and I really support this action. So If you are visiting this site with an IE6 browser you shall notice a notification. JS engines, bah html rendering, unsecure, easy to crash, why are you still using it anyway?

Check out for additional reasons to upgrade IE6