Apple launches iPad, a rival for netbooks? For Kindle? For iPhone?

Well as you know, Apple launched it’s latest product iPad, a touch screen and bigger iPhone. I was expecting something more of a netbook. Honestly many of the concept pictures of “iPad” in rumor sites were really cool and I was excited with the idea of a netbook which had Mac OS inside.

I had bought a Lenovo U110, an 11” notebook with core 2 duo processors, but I sold it! Why? It was lighter than MacBook Air, faster than MBA, even it’s resolution was nearly same. Why I sold it than? Because it was not Mac OS and I was not able to install a Hackintosh on it.

Honestly, I was not a great fan of Mac 1 ago. I was thinking that iPod was such a bad product, and Sony was building so much better products at a cheaper price or Creative. I was thinking that it was stupid to pay a MacBook Pro 1500$ when I could bought the same hardware with 800$! iPhone was not a phone at all, a fancy toy which lots of gestures where many other phones had already done. App Store was really dump (well it still is, however no iPhone developer did not woke up from the dream yet and they are unaware about it). Until last year of course, the year which I bought my first Mac, a 15” unibody MacBook Pro!

It was then that my whole idea about Apple has changed. Mac was such a different ecosystem from Windows or Linux (my last 3 years favorite). It was really working out of the box, all the applications I was installing was increasing my productivity (or I was believing that it was increasing it even that is enough for a psychological effect and was helping me to improve my performance). I was closing the lid and it was closing itself. I was opening the lid and it was open and waiting for me to play with it. It was virus free (yeah I know because no one is writing a virus for it for what’s the difference, there isn’t just like Linux!). Expose was so much cool! And the trackpad gestures! Oh gestures, back and forward with swipes, four finger swipes for expose! It was such an innovation, it was so much comfortable.

i was amazed with Mac and confessed that I was wrong all the time. It was an experience you could only experience yourself! From a third person perspective, it was so much lame. But from the user, it was simply, cool! I had become such a fan, I bought another 13” unibody MacBook to my sister. Oh, and I bought a iMac to my home for my parents use.

And now, there is this iPad! The netbook I was waiting with such enthusiasm! I was ready to pay 600$ for it, ready to enter a queue for it. And Steve Jobs told us that it was built on iPhone OS! iPhone OS! IPHONE OS! I’m really sorry Mr. Jobs, I really have a great respect on you, I really love Apple, I really love Mac OS but iPad is really uSuck!

I don’t want a bigger iPhone, I don’t want to play iPhone games on my netbook. I can install World of Goo on it if it was Mac OS, or even Heroes of Newerth! Now I should stick with accelerometer games like moving balls from one hole to another and on a device which I can’t even hold single handedly.

Honestly, I would have bought a Kindle if I was looking for a e-book reader. What will I do with a web browser which I can’t even play FarmVille on it (playing flash I mean, I don’t play FarmVille :). I’m sorry Apple but I have no intention to buy your iPad. I hope you will make sense soon enought and you will release a Mac OS version. (Why did you ever wasted your time to create another processor on iPad btw, do you remember that you had given up on your G4s in favor of Intel because they were so much better?)

I hope iPad does not become a Vista for Apple or iPhail!

Dragon Age does not think Mac as a computer.

As a great fan of RPGs, of course I have bought a copy of Dragon Age! I was following it for months and was very anxious about it. I was also worried because as the expectation grows, that thing generally fails to satisfy you.

I had installed Windows to my Mac via BootCamp to play games. I installed it and played it. Later, when I was work, as I was not able to play it, I put the bonus disc (yes, love of my life bought me the collector’s edition as a birthday present!;) and looked around. I encountered the error you see on the left. Seems like even if Dragon Age is great, it does not treat Mac as a proper computer.

Oh, my poor Mac, I still love you, don’t mind that game, it’s crap anyway. I was right on my worries, the game failed me :)

By the way, soundtrack is awesome, you can notice from my that I listened it 4 or 5 times from yesterday :)

Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development

Zend Framework Web Application DevelopmentThis is another long story short book review. I have to mention this, the book is not outdated! I know that currently there is the version of 1.9 in ZF and the title of this book is “1.8”. Do not let the title mislead you. This book is all about Zend Framework’s actual concepts like MVC, Zend_Application and other kind of ZF jewels. If you are new to the Zend Framework and need a more detailed documentation than the Zend Framework’s Quick Start Guide or my blog, that’s the book you will need.
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How to change the URL of your SVN WC

Yet another self reminder to myself about subversion commands.
It’s possible that the location of your svn repository has changed. And you were not aware of it and when you have checked in you encountered an:

svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/codebase/trunk'
svn: PROPFIND of '/codebase/trunk': Could not resolve hostname `': Host not found (

Remember that you don’t have to manually check out again and do your changes to it. It’s a painful experience if you have lots of repository you are working on or if the repo you have checkout has has pretty big on size.

All you have to do is to relocate your svn url with this command:

 svn sw --relocate

As a self reminder, you can count on that I have encountered it, felt the pain and found the painkiller :)

How To Roll Back To A Previous Revision In SVN

Yet another self reminder about subversion tricks. If you are using subversion, this means you need to keep track of the changes you have done to a text file and this changes are important to you and you may want to get back to the revision you want anytime you want and you may easily commit it as a new revision. But actually you can’t.

At least not that easily. The thing you should is to merge the current revision with the revision you want to get back. And by this I mean, you are applying the patches done till that revision from backwards. If you have add something, the patch automatically removes the thing that is added. It does the thing you are doing manually automatically.

Here is the shell script:

svn merge .myfile.php
svn commit

51 here means the revision you want to get back. Remember that changes are done on your working copy and they are not committed to the repository. Instead of a file you may use a folder too.

Or You may want to try something like this too:

svn diff -r HEAD:51 myfile.php > backwards.patch
patch -p0 < backwards.patch --dry-run
patch -p0 < backwards.patch
svn commit

Bacisally that's what the merge operation does. Second command is not necessary but you might want to try out how the changes will affect your files without damaging your working copy.

What I like in PHP

Last Week, I was in Open Days organized by Istanbul Bilgi Univesity and LKD (Linux Users Association in Turkey). It was a great event, very precious people gave conferences. It was really educational and more importantly fun.

I have joined a workshop done by Erek Gokturk about Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I was really curious about what was going on there. I follow the PHP Planet and other rss too, especially blogs of Terry Chay made me curious about “Are these people really that much asshole?”.
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How to set Subversion to ignore files

This part is a self reminder more than an actual blog :)

First you got to understand that svn does not have an ignore command. so you can’t use something like:

svn ignore tmp/*

It does not actually suit subversion anyway. If you add it to the repository you have to want to check it’s changes, else don’t add them to the repository.

But there are cases which is important. If you have a tmp/ folder in your repo and you don’t have any files in it. But as this is a tmp folder and you could add caches and other things there will lots of ‘?’ with an svn status command.

To solve this issue you can set an ignore property to the files like this:

svn propset svn:ignore * tmp/*

the above command means this: second argument tmp/* means every file or folder under the tmp folder. so you will include everything under your folder. But this is not simply enough. and the first argument “*” comes in here. This one works as a wildcard (like always) and means everything! So the statement tells to ignore all the files and folder under tmp folder.

That’s it. As I said, as my previous subversion entry this is again a self reminder :)

PHP Namespace Issue

First of all, I’m not against it. I do not understand why it does really matter what the namespace separator is.

What kind of difference will it create to use “/”, “”, “:::”, “;;;”, “{{}}” or whatever. Well of course that I do not like to use a namespace like “thisisnamespaceseperator”. It must be easy to use, and when you look at it, you should see that some things are separated. Why there are so much discussion about it that I do not understand.

Any of them is ok for me. I can use “:::” or “”, what’s the real matter about it, I do not honestly understand. I do not think there is huge difference with My:::Class:::Bar() and MyClassBar().

Perhaps that because I’m a rookie, I also do not understand why someone will think to use a new language just because of one decision. I respect everyone’s idea and if it does not look good to you, then you should be using something else. I hate Python’s code look. A programmig language without { and } does not look good to me. But I think that if I go over my prejudice, I will like it.

I love to write PHP. I even love how it’s written php, with two lines down and one lineup. I love the freedom of being able to write both OOP and functional application, I love the syntax of PHP, I enjoy helping people about PHP, I enjoy joining to seminars, conferences and community activities. That’s the real power of the PHP. Ruby has also a community but they are arrogant, they are doing with the ruby way and they feel special. Just like using Mac instead of a PC. You don’t like how the “” looks like, don’t worry you will get used to it.

I don’t want to say that this namespace seperator is the php way of doing things. Because there isn’t actually such a way. Eveything is possible and can be done with PHP (even not much approved). I do not truly know how the php’s source code is written, so if the separator causes a lot of trouble, maybe “” is not the best of choice, maybe people are right that this won’t be an issue for the current release but you are ruining the maintainability of the code with these. Maybe they are right. But that’s a balance issue more than anything. If you have so much performance problem, that write your code on assembly and you will get the best performace you can have.

I hope that this issue will be forgotten with the new release, but I don’t think so. Some people may even fork PHP and create a new language myPHP. I hope that won’t be the case. The decision is made, and your whining may not change this. What we should do, is to respect the decision and keep trying to improve PHP and if we really really want to change this, try to influence the decision for PHP 6 with facts. Do not talk about speculations but actual facts. I used this and that happened, if we had used this this would be better and else. But I think this can’t happen till new release.

How to SVN Diff Ignoring white spaces

That’s some of the things I started to encounter a lot about this thing. A diff without whitespaces. It creates a big confusion to understand and review the patch. So I searched a bit. I had used it once a time, but was forgeting a lot. That’s a post a to remember it anyway :)

By using an external diff tool you can take a whitespace ignored diff by using:

svn diff --diff-cmd diff -x -uwBEb

There is a double “-” before diff-cmd but it looks like as a one I don’t know why.

This command will use the unix system’s diff command with arguments -uwBeb which has something to do white ignoring all type of white spaces.

Well during my research I have found out even the external diff programs were available to use, in the Subversion‘s core libraries this option was available. This enhancement had been checked in some time ago and was intended to be added to 1.4.6 or something like that. 1.5 had came anyway but it seems that it doesn’t quite really works. At least I was not able to find something useful the -w was still ignored! But somehow I was able to take a whitespace ignored diff via TortoiseSVN. I’m not yet sure if this is an external ability it does use an svn diff’s core ability or not. I assume that it had something to do with merge and blame commands. Perhaps there is a trick I don’t know that by using these commands you can take a white space ignored diff