Develop Menu Bar in Safari

As a new MacBook Pro owner and a rookie MAC OS X user, I’m missing a lot my old Firefox/Firebug partners. As a web developer, you encounter a lot of moments where you have to look to the source to a specific html and change it to see how it will react to the changes or instead of writing saving and executing process, you just write the javascript code to the firebug js console and you see the results instantly. I was missing these features a lot. But it looks like, they were already implemented in the Safari!

When I googled around for Firebug like features for Safari I found out that there was such a command which was really easy to execute and was enabling some of the hidden debug features of the Safari.


defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

Later I found out that there was a “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. I’m not sure if it really enables all the things that are being enabled with the command but it also works.

You can view the load times of files and images and such, also you can run js commands with the command panel, you can easily browse the html tree and get cool eye candies with highlighted areas where you can easily see where you have selected in the html viewever, you can see what are the css properties of the selected element and such. It’s just cool. The only missing thing is the. ability to edit the html! It would be really marvellous to be able to edit the html and see the changes on the fly. Perhaps there is such a feature but I was not able to find it out yet. If there is someone who knows this, just let me know too.

By the way, Macbooks are really cool and really great. It’s not even a week that I have bought a MacBook Pro but I know that my next laptop/notebook/desktop/netbook will be another Mac!