Meet You At Free Software & Linux Days 2012

As you may know Ozgur Yazilim ve Linux Gunleri is one of the most important events in Turkey about free and open source software and Linux. This year, as always, my company is one of the sponsors. The event will take place at the Bilgi University Dolapdere Campus. Thanks to everyone who is working hard enough for this event to take place. Cheers guys.

We will also be giving two talks:

  • The Dairy of a Project Manager: How I screwed my last project
  • Open Source Software Development Tools

Of course, I can never forget to mention my buddy Bekir Dogan, who will not leave me alone there :)

See you there!

ITU Clocodile Days Talk: Recipes for Cloud

Well, yesterday me and Bekir have given a talk about cloud computing at ITU Clocodile event. Foreign students from all over Europe, was visiting Turkey and we were one of the three companies (with IBM and Microsoft) who were giving education about it.
The talk was about what the cloud is generally, we tried to make an analogy with restaurants then we talked about why you should not move to the cloud and finally some cloud service examples. It was a pretty funny morning for me. It was a good English practice, now I’m ready to give talks in your country too :)

For all you guys interested you can find the the presentation here.

Looking for Web Developer Enthusiasts for Kartaca

It’s been almost a month since my last post and this time I’m back with a recruitment option to you! I will strict this post to Turkish, as opposed to my previous posts because we are mostly interested in developers who live in Turkey. If you are interested keep reading!
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Kartaca Web Based Voting System, Yet Another GPL Project

Followers of mine might remember that I was writing my own tiny PHP framework for a school project of mine. The framework’s development is stalled for the moment, however the school still required the homework :) I have based this web based voting system on, surprise surprise, Zend Framework. You can check it out on my github. Soon SVN and Trac will be opened too on, Bekir?
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Evaluating a Curriculum Vitae

This year in the company we had a lot of internship applications. Until this year, we always evaluated applicant’s cvs one by one and almost called everyone to the office and talked with them. But this year the applicant count was amazing (a lot more then we had expected) and we have noticed that we cannot call everyone to the office and interview them even if we had spared a month for interviews. We changed our tactics a bit then.
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Presentations on your Next Door

In my previous post, I had mentioned that I will be talking in universities about some topics soon. In the coming week, 14th of March I will at Ankara Ortadoğu Teknik University and I will be talking about my company Kartaca. What we do, how we do, who we are looking for etc. I wait everyone who wants to have “fun” for an hour or so :)

The same week on 18th of March I will be talking at Yeditepe University in Istanbul about “How Can You Write Bad Code?”. I will talk about real bad code examples and why they are bad. How they should have been. To understand what is “good” and what is “bad” you have to see samples from both. You cannot compare your codes because you don’t have enough “samples”. My purpose is to provide you these samples, talk to you about why they are bad and how the concept of “bad” is relative to the other “bad” codes.

Yet that’s not the end boys and girls. At 22th March I will be at Yıldız Teknik University, talking about: “A diary of a project manager: How I screwed up my last project”. Catchy name ha? Purpose will be what you should not do during a project :) What we generally think that is right in theory, how it all gets confusing once we try to apply them to the practical world.

I will also give another simple presentation in the school about “Open Source Software Development”, but it’s not open to everyone.

Perhaps we can meet there. I will be sharing the slides here but many of them will be in Turkish so you might need to use a translator for them.