First Day in GUADEC

As some of you may know Gnome Users and Developers Congress (a.k.a. GUADEC) is taking place in Istanbul, Turkey at Bahcesehir University. And on it’s 4th day, it was my first day!

I had not have too much time to join discussions but, I’m sure I’m gonna attend tomorrow in the morning too. I had signed up over the internet and, GUADEC had some great stuff to give me as an attendee. A messenger back, a GUADEC 2008 t-shirt, a notepad (moleskin copy but red and written Google on it), a lots of commercial stuff about Turkey, Fedora 9 Live DVD, Ubuntu 8.04 CD and a 4G Mandriva bootable flash disk!

I had the chance to attend only two presentations, one was about Telepathy, a network framework that can be used to create multi user chat applications and other things. While at first I was intrested, the guy who was talking was not as good as a spokesman as a geek. I did not understand much of things he talked about but It was a good thing I guess.

The second one was about Moonlight, a Linux emulation of Silverlight. It was better than the previous one. The presentator was talking better but he had experienced some issues with his laptop. Anyway, It was intresting to see a Microsoft presentation in a Linux related congress. As Novell had some contracts with Microsoft, I guess this Silverlight emulation was about this as there is a group, full time worker in Novell who only does this job. I guess it’s also about that Adobe is not yet implemented Flash in Linux too. And this gap will be filled with Moonlight. It was funny to watch animations by the way. With it’s power to use C++ API and XAML markup language, it’s intresting. You have to use Mono for easily developing it. But any editors goes. But Mono is the easiest and most powerful I guess, at least that was what the man told.

It was great too see people in the conference room using their laptops during the presentation. You can argue that this is a disrespect to the man who is talking, but It was not the case in here. We are all geeks!! I really felt that I was not alone in the world and there is a lots of people around the globe that was like me!

While listening, some light bulbs had come on my mind that, joining these kind of congress open your way and mind up. When I had gone there, I was hoping there was somethings about Online Desktops but I had mistaken and I encountered something completely differently there and I entered to the discussion which I liked it’s name and it was enlightening and enjoying to do that.

Tomorrow I will go there just for that!