Using Composer on legacy projects

Composer LogoIt’s been a long time since my last post. But now, I’m back with something probably useful for you. Composer is around for a while but I was not able to find some time to work with it. We needed something like this in the company so I spent some time with it and moved our project to Composer enabled dependencies. You can (and should) definitely do the same.
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Book Review: Magento Mobile How-To

Magento Mobile How ToI’m back with another book review. Yes it’s again about Magento! What did you expect from me? Some fine critic between the differences of Tolkien’s and Jackson’s Hobbit. I suppose not :) So if you are curious about Magento and having a mobile app where your users can browse your store, stick with me :)
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A Survey of Cloud Models and Services – Part 1

Well, I have written this some time ago during my studies at my Masters, and I finally decided to put this here too. It’s a basic review of what is cloud, how we are seeing it, how are some of the service providers fare against each other and some security issues etc. You may like it or not, so feel free to give any feedback. It will contain many parts so stick with me till the very end :)

This part contains things about what is cloud.
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I will be at Free Web Days

As usual, I will be giving a talk (and I will be a wingman for another) at the Free Web Days (Özgür Web Günleri) this year at Yeditepe University. My company is one of the sponsors and we are giving like 4 talks this year which is pretty amazing :)

Of course considering that we are only making web development, it’s understandable but still pretty good. So if you will be around on 19-20 in Istanbul, we will meet you there!

How to Add an SVN External Library To Another SVN Code Repository

Another self reminder (memo!) for the Subversion. Let’s say that you got two different code bases that are dependent to each other. What you need is to version them differently but you also want to development to work as smooth as possible using the cutting edge version (saying trunk).

What you need is to define an svn externals property to your current base:

svn propset svn:externals 'XXX' .

The trick is to use the single quotes and the dot in the end. As you are setting a property, any space you will put will break the setting. You have to put a dot at the end to indicate that you are changing the properties of the current folder.

This way you are adding a folder named XXX which is linked to the code repository’s XXX folder. Every time you use “svn up” both the code bases will be updated. Every time you commit, only the current repository will be committed. And if you need to commit to the external library, go to that folder, and when you commit external’s library will be committed too!

I’m sure that I will be forgetting the command again, so this way I know where to look.