Book Review: Magento Mobile How-To

Magento Mobile How ToI’m back with another book review. Yes it’s again about Magento! What did you expect from me? Some fine critic between the differences of Tolkien’s and Jackson’s Hobbit. I suppose not :) So if you are curious about Magento and having a mobile app where your users can browse your store, stick with me :)

This wont’t be a very long review I suppose so you can stick with me until the end :) This book does not show you how you can develop a Mobile application where you can use Magento’s API. What it does however, is to guide you through the process of having a mobile app using Magento Mobile. Considering the price tag and the contents of the book, it has a great balance. It’s a step by step instructions list that helps you having a mobile app. But don’t expect anything technical from this book, because it doesn’t have any. It contains lots of screenshots and instructions to get you up and running. It does contain some great reference information for image sizes you can use for the mobile apps and names of the fields you should change while customizing your app. There are some parts of the book which describes you how you can resize an image using GIMP which was not very meaningful in my opinion however it was acceptable as the author tried to write the whole process.
The book is well structured and headers points you which parts you should definitely do and which parts are optional. I really liked this approach.

If you are in a hurry to have a mobile app for your store in App Store or Google Play, you can accomplish it by using this book in a day and I mean it. However if you are interested in the inner workings of the thing, this is not the book for you. Well probably, Magento Mobile “service” is not for you actually. This book as the name also suggests is an instructions set, a guide for Magento administrators that decided to use Magento Mobile. Considering the price tag, don’t search anything on the Web on how you can do it. This book will probably save you a day or two fiddling around the Web and documentations.