Kartaca Web Based Voting System, Yet Another GPL Project

Followers of mine might remember that I was writing my own tiny PHP framework for a school project of mine. The framework’s development is stalled for the moment, however the school still required the homework :) I have based this web based voting system on, surprise surprise, Zend Framework. You can check it out on my github. Soon SVN and Trac will be opened too on code.kartaca.com, Bekir?

Project is intended, first of all, as a school homework, yet it’s also a nice showcase on what you can do with Zend Framework. The main reason I had written ZF-Blog still exists on this project too (It’s based on that one anyway): A sample ready to use project based on Zend Framework.

It’s a little bit more complicated then the previous one. It contains registration, login, voting, vote creation, user management etc. It also shows vote results with fancy charts using jQuery and Highcharts JS.

It’s still based with Zend_Db (It’s pretty powerful and easy to use by the way) but on the other project I suppose I will use Doctrine (hopefully 2.0) and will update the base ZF project with Doctrine to 2.0 version.

I hope it helps you as a sample code and perhaps as an intranet project etc. (It’s not really production ready, you must add some pagination to it. I will accept your pull requests:)