What I do?

It’s been a long time, since I ever wrote something to this blog. I’m currently developing a Java application (yikes!). Yet my heart still beats for PHP. My school has restarted after the spring break and with the “love of homeworks”, I really restarted thinking about writing a small PHP framework. The idea is to provide a lightweight, annotation based (not something very complex again), framework with an MVC architecture with some “tiny” features about Aspect Oriented Programming. It will provide a simple base for my homework, and yet perhaps it will be useful for someone else. Also finally, with this project I will be able to check out, lambda functions, annotations and aspects. My requirements and thoughts are not very clear at the moment (just some scratchings on how I want to use it) and as they are not ready, there isn’t anything I can show up yet. :)

Yet things does not end with above. I will probably visit many universities soon and talk about Kartaca, (my proud company!). Also I have some cool ideas I wish to talk about too like: “The Diary of a Project Manager: How I screwed up my last project!” :)

Yeah, as you noticed, this paragraph is not a conclusion. There is another interesting thing about more book reviews. Someone from Packt Publishing contacted me again about writing some reviews for two books they have published: Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook and Magento 1.4 Themes Design. As someone who has worked with Magento for a while, It’s actually great to review such books. They always teach me things I don’t know. As soon as I get some free time, I will write them and share them with you. Perhaps they might help you too.

For the tinypi framework, you can checkout my github, or directly here. Don’t expect anything yet.

Until next time (I hope it won’t be months again:), expect to see me at your “local” university :)