Meet you at Ozgur Web Gunleri at Yeditepe University

Özgür Web Teknolojileri Günleri 15-16 Ekim 2010 Yeditepe ÜniversitesiHey everyone, it’s been a while since I have last written something here. I will be giving a workshop at Ozgur Web Gunleri (Free Web Days) at Yeditepe University at 15-16 October about Zend Framework (yeah what else right :)

I will be explaining how to use Zend_Tool, how you can connect to and query a database by Zend_Db (yup, no Doctrine), how Zend_Form and its validators can be used and finally how you can log someone in using Zend_Auth.

These topics will complete a simple blog software which can be actually used minus the comments moderation (that will be a homework:). However I do not suggest you to use it in real life because of the performance and spaming issues (no captcha for comment adding for example (yes yes, another homework :))

It’s released with GPL unlike my other code examples which are actually kinda released with WTFPL license as they didn’t have one :)

You can download the code I will be using in the workshop from my github under zf-examples/zf-blog as always. You will also be able to get it from as soon as I can convince my colleague, opening a svn repo and a trac (yeah it will have a trac too in order to keep improving the sample and fixing bugs and errors) tooks just a minute or too :) Trac will be available at

See you at Yeditepe.