NetBeans 6.8 is released

In case you have not heard yet, NetBeans 6.8 is released, you can downlod it from here.

It’s a great release with lots of features. Some highlights for PHP developers are:
– Symfony Support
– PHP 5.3 Support
– Improved PHPUnit Configuration
– Remote PHP Projects (SFTP (SSH) support for sychronization)
– Remote PHP Debugging.

I have been using the beta/nightly/milestone releases for nearly a year now and I can honestly say that they are very useful and works great. These features were the main reason for me to use the beta releases anyway!

The splash screen and new version number’s graphics are awesome! Congratulations on the designers. Of course thanks everyone, especially PHP Feature Developers, for an awesome release!

Ooh and also make sure to check out these plugins and you might like it as I like a lot!
Twilight Editor Theme
PHP Code Sniffer (or direct link here)
Quick File Chooser (for writers instead of clickers!)

And also for the suggested feature don’t forget to vote for Zend Framework (But I guess it has reached enough votes to be implemented so expect a new release with Zend Framework Support).

Also you might have things to say about NetBeans, be sure to reply to this blog post and don’t forget to add NetBeans PHP Blog RSS to your feed reader for great tips and tricks and news!

Download and use it! Be sure that it will save you a lot of time and make you feel like home!