Dragon Age does not think Mac as a computer.

As a great fan of RPGs, of course I have bought a copy of Dragon Age! I was following it for months and was very anxious about it. I was also worried because as the expectation grows, that thing generally fails to satisfy you.

I had installed Windows to my Mac via BootCamp to play games. I installed it and played it. Later, when I was work, as I was not able to play it, I put the bonus disc (yes, love of my life bought me the collector’s edition as a birthday present!;) and looked around. I encountered the error you see on the left. Seems like even if Dragon Age is great, it does not treat Mac as a proper computer.

Oh, my poor Mac, I still love you, don’t mind that game, it’s crap anyway. I was right on my worries, the game failed me :)

By the way, soundtrack is awesome, you can notice from my last.fm that I listened it 4 or 5 times from yesterday :)