PHP Remote Debugging with NetBeans 6.8

Well, I guess this post might have been added to my blog about the remote development but I guess a different article is better. So as NetBeans 6.8 getting better and better you can also debug your php code with it. All you need is to install xdebug on your php installation and define some variables to the php.ini file and you are ready to go.

You don’t need to use NetBeans, any dbgp debugger might be used with xdebug. However, xdebug only allows to be mastered by one machine. So only one man can debug one machine. This will cause a problem if you are developing on a remote server with other developers. This causes a problem because everyone want to use debugging and only one can. So to enable debugging on everyone, all you have to is to start running a debugger proxy. Komodo has built such a proxy, you can find the details here.

This is not enough to debug on a remote server with lots of people, you have to define you proxy to the NetBeans! That’s easy too! Let me make a favor to you and allow me to describe to you with some images (I love to make things with images these days.)

First create a remote php project,


On the third screen, write down the remote server options. You can add additional remote servers by clicking on the manage button. You can select from ssh to ftp for the connection protocol.


When you click next, NetBeans will browse the server, look for the files and folders and ask you to download them.

Once your project is created, right click on your project and select properties and in the opening window, click on the “Run Configuration”.


Click the advanced button on the bottom.


In the opening window just enter your proxy ip address and port and you are ready to go!


Click on the Debug button and you will see the green line is on the first line of the index.php file! Have fun with it!