NetBeans 6.8 Has Symfony Support, Why Not Zend!

If you have not heard yet, NetBeans PHP developer team has just finished their support for PHP framework Symfony. You can read the whole stroy here. NetBeans PHP guys are really working hard for it!

So why I blog about this?! Because I see this as an opportunity. It’s great that NetBeans now has a great support for a PHP framework (even thought it’s experimental and “beta”) and since this was the most voted PHP framework, I hope the next release (6.9 maybe 6.8.5) of NetBeans will contain a support for Zend Framework too with as much vote as it can have! If you have read the whole article (jump to action! That’s cool!), you will notice that the first comment is when we will be able to see the ZF support in NetBeans. I second that!

So if you are interested on to see ZF becomes the second supported framework by NetBeans, just go the Zend Framework Support issue on NetBeans issue tracker and vote for it. It currently contains 87 (I hope it’s counting:) votes and if we can reach 100 or something it might be enough to a support for ZF too!

By the way, NetBeans 6.8 Milestone was quite a success for me and with Netbeans 6.8 Beta is on the way, wait for another review too. The most important asset for me is to be able to select a configuration file for phpunit runs (not much huh?) and of course PHP 5.3 support too (I wonder if it contains a migration assistant or a function like find backward incompatible functions in the project or shows a notification or something).

Just don’t forget to vote! :)