Some More Updates About Boop

Well as you may remember I was working on a cms named Boop for half a year now, at least that’s all I can remember, as I’m the only developer it takes time to get things going. I recently had time to spent with it and things are getting better and better.

Yesterday I have installed a local svn and created a repository named boop and things are getting better since then. I was really anxious about using it a version control system and as now boop had moved from a local directory to a local svn repository I will be able to follow it’s development more easily.

Recent Improvements are about refactoring and API improvements. Everybody can write down code but very few documentate that and I’m one of the few people who really cares that. Well I have documented most of the classes. There are still lots to do but at least it’s a start

I also keep try to create an easily maintainable code, so I delete and re-write some parts of it. I have decided to redesign an old legendary site of mine with it. I guess you will be informed with the beta part of it soon.

Well boop will come sooner I guess but a lot of things depend on my jobs at Parkyeri and my summer school.