Some Updates About Boop

Well if there are some people who were watching my previous blog, they may know that I was working on a blog system name “boop”. While I was struggling with WordPress, Drupal, joomla and others I had really bored and decided to write down my I own. Time has passed and I said to myself why to stop with just a “blog”! So Boop project has evolved a bit and become something more and more flexible.

Some key features of Boop is that:

  • Easy to use for everyone with complex features for experts to entertain themselves,
  • Flexible design to match your needs,
  • Create your own types,
  • Supports different language,
  • Support different themes,
  • Customize the look and feel of most things from admin panel, with basic html knowledge or use the power of FCKEditor,
  • Easily port it to any database only with changing few lines of code.

I guess these are the key points of the project. Well, I will try to create a release soon with a “blog bundle” (I’m gonna explain it later…). The only thing left is the API and a good theme which’s suitable for my “simple complex” project.