Another Linux and Open Source Seminar in GYTE

Well, as you may know me and my colleagues from Parkyeri, especially with Alper are travelling around universties in Istanbul and try to inform everyone that they can win money without being “evil” or without using Microsoft or .Net platform. And we were at Gebze Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü. It’s was a really cool place anyway, but that’s kind of a commercial so I pass.

I guess this was the best of em because people knew what we were talking about and they were curious about it. In previous seminar we had the problem to tell everyone what was Linux and what was open source, why you had to “buy” a license Windows and not crack it. Anyway none of these happened there! They were really informed and well trained even there were mostly freshmen in the seminar. Everyone was intrested and everyone was curios about something and we tried to share everything we know about software, linux, money and companies.

Well I suppose this was the last of the season even that I hope, we will go some more universities because it’s really fun to be there and talking. I was looking forward to share some pictures and we have taken none! The GYTE IEEE student brach members shoot some and I hope they will share it with me. (I couldn’t find there web site so can’t put a link on it, but will find soon)